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I'm an iOS Developer, Computer Engineering Bachelor Degree student. Brazilian, fluent in English, with interest in entrepreneurship, mobile solutions, new technologies, and extremely high user experience standards. Glad to see you here!


I'm a 22 years old student that loves travelling and seizes every oportunity of going abroad to practice alternative skills, live among different cultures and meet new people.
Dream job: work remotely from any and everywhere in the world.

  • Name: Roger Oba
  • Position: iOS Developer
  • Location: Park City UT - United States (MST, GMT-7)
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I'm passioned for iOS development and have solid knowledges of its tools and libraries. Experience using REST APIs, mobile backend services, CloudKit, Core Data, Push Notifications, UIKit, Auto Layout, localization, and full app store submission process.

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The highlights of my professional life.

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Work Experience

iOS Developer

December 2016 - Present


iOS developer at GoodPeople, an entrepreneur social network which aims to connect talents to opportunities. It helps people connect with others who'd like to start new businesses, put ideas into practice and make it happen.

iOS Developer

November 2013 - Present


Since BEPiD I've been available for freelancing projects. These projects have been one of the sources of knowledge for my professional development. They've helped me develop real world problem solving skills and open my mind for new solutions as well.

iOS Developer

March 2015 - February 2016


TapDoc is a startup that aims to introduce to the market several Health 2.0 solutions, filling many gaps that exist today in this market. With b2b and b2c solutions, TapDoc's goal is to offer every medical assistance that a patient may need, as well as tools that help the professional life of every professional in various fields of medicine.

Processor of Electronic Components

December 2014 - October 2015

Murata Electronics - Japan

In a urge to seize the opportunities to gain experience in foreign countries, and get to know different cultures, I decided to move to Japan and work in an electronics factory to learn more about the world famous Japan production line. Ten months working 12 hours a day (and night) resulted in much valuable lessons, work and life experiences that I recommend anyone that looks for expanding their horizons.

Teacher Assistant of PROCAP-Mathematics

February 2013 - December 2014

Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas - PUC-Campinas

PROCAP is an institutional program, intended for new students entering graduation, and it aims to improve the understanding of basic content for the course, and develop proper habits of study; meet suitability requirements/supplementary basic content in the areas of Biology, Portuguese Language, Mathematics and Chemistry; provide work experience in group and interdisciplinary, with attention to the use of different teaching resources in a learning community that is characterized by the interaction of different areas in a collaborative and supportive way.

Teacher Assistant in Computer Programming Algorithm

February 2013 - June 2013

Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas - PUC-Campinas

Teacher assistant of a subject that studies the foundations of algorithms and their representation in high-level programming language, explaining in detail one or more of these, presenting the systematic development and implementation of programs, using the best programming practices and the preferred coding styles.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering

2012 - 2018

Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas - PUC-Campinas

Since my childhood I've always seen computers as the road to innovation, success and obviously, new technologies. This always fascinated me, thus I decided to follow the road on Computer Engineering. To create, to innovate, to build and to develop are my favorite verbs.

BEPiD Student (Brazilian Educational Program for iOS Development)

September 2013 - December 2014

Apple Inc. and Eldorado Research Institute

I'm proud to have taken part of the first iOS development program offered by Apple Inc. in Brazil. In partnership with Eldorado Research Institute, it aimed to develop IT enthusiastics into iOS developers and entrepreneurs, solving problems with what they call Great Apps - extraordinary applications that offer the best UX possible, in the most innovative way.


Check Out Some of My Apps.

Whenever I stumble on a problem, I think if it can be solved with a mobile app. This way, I developed a few apps...


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Mobile solutions come into play when you're thinking about innovative solutions, mainly decentralized ones. My role is to deliver the best user experience to your clients, developing the iOS apps that they're going to use on their daily lives.