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It's time that we have the so known best seller chat starters in an unique beautiful app.

Chat Deck - Unlimited Chat Topics And Starters Chat Deck - Unlimited Chat Topics And Starters

The Best Conversation Kickstarter

Too quiet in your living room? Got a long road trip ahead? You should start chatting! Chat Deck shows you more than 144 questions to start conversations and interact with your friends and family around you.

Super Simple Super Simple

Super Simple

Just swipe the cards to get more questions and chat topics.

Health Health

Real Interaction

Use your phone just as a tool that helps you interact with real people in the real world.

Set Targets Set Targets

Chat Starters

Use the cards to start broader topics and conversations. Don't be a shallow person!

Budgets Budgets

Made For All Ages

The questions were designed to be fun and entertaining for all ages, from 8 to 108!

One-Offs One-Offs

Curated Content

All the cards feature hand picked questions so you're rest assured you'll get everyone talking.

Reminders Reminders


Hey, we're as worried as you are, about the environment. Buy this digital copy and avoid wasting natural resources on physical decks!

Welcome Anytime!

They're conversation starters great for family gatherings, car trips, dinner parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving, classroom activities, first dates, and so on.

Super Simple. Just talk!

We've already hand picked a great selection of questions that will get everyone talking for sure. You just have to start talking!

A simple way to get everyone talking! A simple way to get everyone talking!

What are you waiting for?

That's right, what are you waiting for? You've come this far, read all the way to the bottom of the page. The only thing left to do is to get yourself over to the App Store and download Chat Deck today...

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