“Hello, New Blog!”

My First Post

This marks the first post hosted here. Which means I'm finally migrating off of Medium. Hooray! 🎉

“But why?” - you might ask. And it's a fair question. After all, why would anyone leave a free platform that makes publishing content so easy?

Overall Look'n'Feel

Medium is a writing platform made for everyone. It democratized access to a blogging platform. However, I write mostly about programming topics, and Medium's UI isn't tailored for programming posts. Here I have full control over how the website will look like, how syntax highlighting will display different programming languages, I can format images any way I want, change the website theme, etc - I get to choose how everything looks. And I can change it at any point in time.

On Medium, simply posting a multiline code snippet is cumbersome, since it has to first be uploaded to a GitHub gist, embeded content displays awfully, and there's not even support to markdown. 😪

Content Ownership

Here I own the data. No, really. Medium makes it easy for you import content into it, but exporting is painful. There are some workarounds, but I'd much rather own and store the content myself. Not to mention that by storing it on a git-based system, I get free versioning, and I can even enable a code reviewing process if I like, which would alone be a huge advantage over pretty much any other blogging platform.

Other Miscellaneous Reasons

Yann Girard mentions many other reasons to dislike Medium. Brand dilution, low click-throughs, extremely high competition, to mention a few.

There's also the fact that Medium's recommendation algorithm strongly favors paid articles as opposed to free ones, and this completely defeats the purpose of what I look forward to, when blogging. I want the information to flow freely and dissiminate within the community of developers, travelers, or whatever target audience I'm writing to. The goal was never earn money by putting the information behind a pay wall.

Also, I don't know much about SEO yet, but I can imagine that having full control over SEO metadata might also greatly improve your blog's appearance on search engines. I'll definitely learn more about this in the upcoming months.

So, What Now?

In the end, given my purposes as a writer, the type of content I write, aesthetics and other minor reasons, a generic blogging platform doesn't fit my needs anymore.

I might migrate some of the articles from Medium, over to this website. At least the ones I still like, and that are still relevant.

I might delete them from Medium after migrating them. Maintaining a copy of the content in two places is too costly, time-wise. One way or another one of them gets auto of sync and starts causing issues.

You can follow me on Twitter (@rogerluan_) to be notified when a new post comes out here. Or you can subscribe to this website's RSS feed, if you're not on Twitter!

I'm looking forward to using this new medium (pun intended) to publish my content. 🥳

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